How To Trade

Daily Aggregate Snowfall Index (DASI) Swaps
Seasonal Aggregate Snowfall Index (SASI) Swaps

1. Select the date you would like to trade, from the bar at the top. The next available date is selected by default.

TIP: The price shown on the date is the per contract price for that date. Prices are based upon how far in the future the trade is made.

2. Find the location where you would like to trade. The charts below the map help identify high snow forecasts and where the open interest is. The forecast maps at the bottom of this page can also be helpful.

TIP: Colored dots indicate there is open interest for this location. Mouse-over the dot for a summary.

3. Choose the amount of snowfall accumulation, and then enter your trade quantity. Payouts are proportional to the final measured value and the open interest distribution at the time of settlement.

TIP: The bar graph shows the open interest on each depth, as well as indicators of which range three weather forecast models are predicting the final measurement will fall into.